Below are photos from the 4-day opening weekend event of the exhibit entitled  "Where Star Wars Meets Imagination", held at The Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia. Star Wars characters were requested to appear for the opening gala at this highly anticipated event. Participating characters included members of the 501st  and The Rebel legion.

At the museum's request, I wore my C-3PO costume but was more than happy to have my good friend, Tom Schaefer, along with me taking turns/shifts as the protocol droid. It was an incredible event as members from different Rebel Legion basses and 501st Garrisons got together to celebrate the opening of this fantastic exhibit.

The first batch of pics are either my personal favorites of my own pics or some stolen pics from other galleries because I was too lame to get them on my camera.

If any of these pics are yours,... I owe you a drink.

Otherwise,... Enjoy! :-)